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The Faston reducer was born in Taiwan and specializes in the design, development, production and sales of high-end planetary reducers. The product process is 100% from European design standards. At present, the products include: FKB/FKBR high-precision helical gear series, FKD/FKDR flange output series, FKS precision helical gear series, FKT hollow rotary platform series, KF super-precision reducer series, etc., precision gear racks, various products, Complete specifications. The company has a modern industrial plant in Suzhou.

Based on the concept of 'customer first, quality first', the company constantly improves its product quality and after-sale quality to establish a new benchmark for the planetary reducer industry. The company's products are widely used in industrial machine tools, robotic arms, automated production lines, textile machinery, printing machinery, metallurgical mining, environmental engineering, automotive manufacturing and other fields.

Over the years, with innovation and outstanding performance in the field of transmission technology, Faston has developed into a leading international supplier of transmission systems. Bringing together many years of industry experience to the development of innovative products, insisting on high-quality production in every process, striving for effective traceability management and supply chain optimization, achieving high quality, high reliability and long-term stability of equipment requirements. supply.

Customer trust is the source of our motivation. For the satisfaction and needs of our customers, we are constantly innovating and providing our customers with professional solutions based on the concept of quality.


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