It should take technology as the core in the competition of reducer industry.

发布时间:2019-09-05 08:48:34

The rapid development of China's industry has promoted the continuous expansion of the demand for speed reducer.However, the development of industry is not only more demand on the amount, but also the requirement of new standard on the technology of speed reducer.

At present, the competition is still fierce in reducer industry in China ,this competition prompts many reducer manufacturers to invest more in the reducer technology and improve their production, sale and after-sale management.However, it is mainly price - based competition.If the competition is more inclined to price competition, it not only hinders the development of domestic reducer industry, but also goes against the development of the whole national industry.

Price as the core of the competition is not the enterprise's long-term road, only to increase the investment and attention to speed reducer technology can make the enterprise in an invincible position, to improve the technical content is the only way to make our country speed reducer has more and more advantages in the international competition.