Hardware electromechanical enterprises have a long way to go in news marketing.

发布时间:2019-09-09 08:59:48

News marketing requires continuity,hardware electromechanical enterprise have a long way to go in news marketing,the success of news marketing lies in whether it can attract people's long-term attention. When digging valuable news, enterprises also need to prepare follow-up tracking hype to strengthen people's memory.News is getting closer and closer to everyone, to every aspect of everyone's life. "news landing" will be the trend,We are no longer spectators of the news, but participator in it, so to focus on the news is to focus on ourselves.News has become an advantage resource due to its powerful audience and its functions of information, curiosity, education and entertainment.To paraphrase: what would the world be like if there were no news?This shows the value of news.

Many electromechanical enterprises attach great importance to the Internet. On the one hand, network public opinion forms quickly and spreads widely,once the negative information appears on the Internet, it is difficult for enterprises to deal with it in a timely manner.On the other hand, the communication characteristics of the network also provides a convenient and efficient new marketing channel to enterprises,especially in news marketing, compared with traditional media, the network has lower cost, diversified communication channels, wide audience and is more targeted,this offers small electromechanical enterprise development opportunities.

Electromechanical enterprises must learn to handle the relationship with professional media.Publicity department of enterprise should attach importance to the communication with network media people, establish profound media public relations, integrate media resources, and make the media serve the enterprise within a certain limit.This kind of media relationship needs long-term development and maintenance.

Enterprise news marketing is not just write about advertorial, the enterprise also need to do marketing hype, use hot events to dig valuable news story, combing with the characteristics of the enterprise, to win the benefit using netizen's attention, but one thing to note, enterprise must refuse negative events hype, malignant events will attract the public attention, but also will damage the image of the enterprise and product, this is very bad for the long-term development of the enterprise.

Network marketing director from Golden idea media figures out that now China's network news marketing is chaotic,complex and not mature enough, there are many business owners and news marketing operators, still stay in the level of publicity.In this regard, mechanical and electrical enterprises need to further understand the various ways of network news marketing, choose suitable marketing methods, spent the money on the right way.

Using the Internet news marketing, enterprises should choose those platforms with higher degree and intensive consumers, such as search engines, blogs, microblog, popular BBS, community sites, video website and websites of electromechanical industry, enterprise select appropriate information publishing platform based on their own characteristics and target population distribution,design the content and technology meticulously for easy searching and promotion.

In the  electromechanical industry, some  target  groups distribute widely, such as ceramic bathroom, hardware tools, knives and so on, these kinds of industry can consider to use the public media platform which involve huge amount audiences for news marketing, combined with the intra-industry news marketing, maybe the effect will be better.

News marketing has been more and more favored by people of insight, and how to make good use of the Internet, and make news events develop in the direction of most beneficial to enterprises is the essence of news marketing.